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Doodle owners in Montclair, NJ vicinity?

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I started a different thread regarding doodles and allergies a few days ago. It seems like a doodle could actually be a good match for our family (including my allergic, yet dog-loving husband). I think it would be a good idea for him to meet some doodles, just to test the waters, so to speak. I know all dogs are different, in terms of a specific persons reaction to a particular dog. Still, he is interested in meeting a few doodles before we set about choosing a breeder.

So, any folks on this board from the Montclair, NJ area?

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You might want to see if you can find a Doodle Romp to attend! You could also ask your vet if they have any Doodles that they treat...they may contact the owners and ask permission to give you their number...or they could give the owners you that you could meet the dogs. has a regular Doodle Romp, I think...or they have various groups of Doodle owners around the country...

I am going to send you another PM...

I'm actually in Colorado, but we have placed a wonderful Doodle with a wonderful couple who might be in your area....not sure. If you search for "River Rat" you would find Leslie here on this forum, and her beautiful black doodle Chouette.

Is Montclair down south of the NYC suburbs? Leslie and Chouette live in the river region and there looks to be beautiful nature all around them.

As to your husband's allergy issues, there is a type of allergy that is sensitive to saliva and results in red spots and hives on the skin when licked; that seems to be dog-specific. However as a breeder it is a real JOY to be able to place a puppy with someone who wants that love and devotion of a Retriever yet needs the lack of dander that the Poodle offers.

I hope this helps!
I thought I heard my name mentioned! Maureen, we're rather south of Montclair although it's not impossibly far away. Since the poster never responded she may have come up with some other solution to the problem. I do think, totally objectively of course, that Chouette is a wonderful example of a doodle and would convince anyone of the wisdom of doodle ownership. She continues to win hearts all over the place!

Hope things are well with you, John, the kids and Truffle!
Thanks again, Leslie!
Hug Chouette for me.....
and please check out our latest litter! I was just talking to a woman from LA about how I can now deliver puppies, and how her puppy doesn't have to leave my sight until I hand him/her over in person.
We're so proud of Cookie and her "parti" puppies.......

Treat is really cuter than this picture. I need to take new ones, but I thought I'd share.

Leslie, it's ALWAYS nice to see pictures of Chouette and hear how you are doing together.
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Those puppies are adorable - of course. I forget what size Cookie is; are they standards or minis? Nice to see that you are still producing those wonderful critters. Chouette continues to be a real joy; she is the most wonderful dog we've ever had - bright, engaging, loving, eager to please and so pretty! She will be three on April 10th.

I just purchased my labradoodle from (name edited by moderators. Please send a PM to the original poster)Labradoodles, a breeder in NJ . Check them out on their website.

We'd love to hear more from you! Sorry about the name deletion, but it's against rules to post a breeder.
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