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Doodle or Doodles?

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Are doodles better off with a sibling?
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I'd say it's up to you. I'm perfectly fine with one, but I know others on this forum that two wasn't enough. While Cinnamon was happy playing with visiting dog friends as a pup, I don't think she misses one now that she's older. She's 3 1/3.
Thank you for your reply. Cin is a beautiful dog.

Please more replies.
One was good, two was much better....three divine!! :lol:
We have had a great experience having a second doodle, but our first doodle was 1 yr old when we got our second. I think it really helps to have one dog trained before adding a second.
If I did it that would not be an option they are the same age, but Sam has come a long way in the 5 weeks I have had her.
We love having 2, but we got Kirby as an older (potty trained) dog who is really well behaved and listens well. I think it would have been much more difficult to add another puppy (Dex still acts totally like a puppy and I think he would have regressed if we added a young puppy).

Good luck with your decision - just realize it will be a lot of work to have 2 young puppies at the same time :)
Whatever you feel is right is the way to go...........
Everyone has different opinions on when to add or not to add
more. I currently have one and will wait till Denver is closer to
3. I also have nine cats so although my house is full I will be adding
another dog down the road.
Many thanks for the replies. I am in a wheelchair so two puppies might be to much work. How do you say no to new doodle puppy though. And thinking about them getting to grow up and play together. I really hope my friends wife will talk him into taking on a new puppy in there new house. Cross your fingers. But if they say no, I might have to give it a try.

Keep the replies coming you guys/gals are a big help.
Do you have a fenced yard? having 2 doodles to tire each other out might be nice. We sure love the option when we have those days when we are to tired or busy (we're both students, and work jobs) to do a good walk, they go in the yard and doodle 500 each other to exhaustion.
No, I live in an apartment for now ut within a year hope to have found my future home. There is another thread on the same subject titled Samantha and the big decision. I might have found someone.
I had a couple take 2 of my puppies and at 5 1/2 months & they can still be a handful for them. It's challanging for them with one around part-time and the other retired.
I kept one of my puppies back. He loves his momma and so it has been so easy training him as he looks to his momma when I give commands.
I think that if your friend could talk her husband into taking this puppy, it would be ideal, provided the puppies get play time together. A win-win situation.
My game plan was always.....get another dog at 7 yrs. so that the puppy could learn all the the routine of the house before the other one was old and tired.
Somehow my math got screwed up & I got a little more dog crazy. My dogs are 14, 6, 3, & 5 1/2 months.
It so much easier training by waiting to introduction a new dog after the other one is older and has everything down.
From what feedback I have recieved, the dogs will have to be separated & trained separately.
If I had a bigger house I would have two. But my best friend also has a labradoodle that is a week older and a standard. Cacao will be a mini. She is 15 weeks old and only 10lbs. But her boyfriend (that is what we call my friends dog, Cobo) and he is like 35lbs or more. I can't remember. But they are so cute. I will have to take a picture and post it some time.
I somehow how 3 doodles now
Max is 19mos, Peanut 14mos and Beau is 7mos

we love having 3 doodles! :D
I have a 7 month old and plan to add another when Lucas is about 1. Though I love the idea of having 2 pups at one time, I am not sure that we could have handled that? Would be near impossible to say no though...
I wish I thought it would not be as hard I know it will be. I dont think it would be smart for me to have two, so I need to find someone I know to take her so Sam will have a friend that can play with her some.

Thanks for your welcomes and your replies
Doodle or doodles people. How many do you have? Do you think they are happier with a sibling?

Talk to me.....

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