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I'm so sorry...

It's so hard to lose a pet member of the family. I'm so sorry for you and for Digby.

As for the kid on a leash -do beware! It's there for a reason. I've had my boys on leashes from time to time. They are more of a body harness you hook a strap to. I've only used them when they could get lost easily or be in danger to themselves or others. Some examples are very crowded areas where a double stroller is impossible like an outdoor fair or airports where you have to strip naked to walk through security. Have you ever tried to fold up a stroller, empty your pockets and keep track of a toddler or two? Please don't picture me walking two boys around on a leash everywhere we go. I mostly used it on my oldest when he was about 15-24 mo-old and my other child was 0-9 mo-old. I probably used it a total of 10 times to keep them safe. You can't always have your hand on your child when you need to and the "leash" really helps. I bet that child has a tendancy to run off easily and likes to pull on doggies. The mom probably knows this and kept her child tethered so he/she couldn't run up and pull tails and ears. I think I would have opted for the basket or stroller personally. Little stinkers :wink:

angelaj - you're confusing me! I keep thinking I've posted and then I see it's you! :lol:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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