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We travelled from Ontario, Canada all the way to Florida with Sadie, our
4 1/2 month old labradoodle. She was amazing in the car! Not a peep or a whine from her in the car for 2 days. We put her crate in the van and she settled right down for the long haul. We made lots of pit stops and she quickly did her business every time.

She is getting so much attention every where she goes. People are stopping and asking what type of dog she is, saying she is gorgeous, etc. Most people we have met have never heard of the labradoodle. Some say they have heard of them but never seen one. Yesterday we were in Tarpon Springs and we must have been stopped for 20 people. Every one is charmed by her. She is doing a great job as a goodwill ambassador for the breed!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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