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Doodle flips out when I get in the pool?

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Hi all! Just a quick question out of curiosity.

Whenever I get in the pool, Rowdie flips out. He will NOT stop barking and gets aggressive and panics. When I walk over towards the stairs he leaps into the pool from them and comes up to me and puts his paws on my shoulders and just stands there, kissing my face -it's adorable :)

So why do you think he barks so much when I'm in the pool? Is he jealous because he wants to come in as well, or do you think he wigs out because he's not by my side and wants to protect me? Just curious...


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I have the same problem! I keep the dogs penned up on the deck while I'm in the pool and they keep running back and forth while I'm swimming. We don't have steps into the pool just ladders so we don't allow them to get in. They have a pond for that!!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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