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Doodle Emergency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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HELP!!! APAWS, a Baton Rouge rescue group, has a black, male doodle for adoption. I saw him yesterday at PetSamart on Siegen Lane. He's small, smelly, dejected and lives chained up all day. :( APAWS estimates he is 1/ 1/2 yrs, but I don't believe it - he looks closer to 7 months. Despite his plight, he has the typical goofy, happy doodle personality & will make someone a great pet!! My own rescued LizzieDoodle was completely taken with him, but we have too many dogs & can't take another. Can't someone help this desperate doddle??

I checked the APAWS website, but they don't have his picture or info up for viewing. Email --> [email protected] or phone 225-343-0303 to adopt this lonely doodle.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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