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Hey everyone, we were at the dog park this weekend and I was cracking up because this guy fell in love with Chester. His comment was "Ohh! He looks like a big muppet".
It got me thinking about what other kinds of funny comments do doodle owners get. Just thought it would be fun to hear about some.
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I have heard that about Abbie too! I have heard on more than one occassion that Abbie looks like a "Disney Detective Dog". Many people have said that she looks like a Disney Movie dog. Gotta LOVE those Doodles!!!
My vote is for a Disney dog...that is what I hear the most, and I must say that was my first reaction to them too.
I hear he moves like a cartoon dog.
We took Sadie on a road trip from Ontario to Florida and back. Dozens and dozens of people stopped us and asked about the dog. People most often said she looks like a stuffed toy. My favourite comment was when my husband had her on the leash by the van in a parking lot in Kentucky. A sweet little girl about 5 or 6 came up to them and said in an adorable southern accent "your dog is cute, mister." Brought a big smile to everyone's faces - Sadie's too!
I often get "he looks like a teddy bear" esp when he lies on the floor and you see the real black pads against the gold fur. The other comment i get is that he looks like a large Benji dog.
We have a chocolate labradoodle that everyone, including us, says looks like an Ewok! Lisa
I am always getting comments on my doodles. I have a chocolate and a black doodle, and people are always falling in love with them.
That is so funny. Greg calls Yarra "Muppet" and of course I call her "Yarra." She responds to both, but it is interesting to see that we all see similarities in our/each others babies. I am going to call Greg at dialysis and share this story. He will grin from ear to ear I know! :wink:
We have heard hat Dunkin looks like teddy bear lots of times. Someone told us he looks like Benji once too.
Someone said it looked like Odie's parents must have been Albert Einstein & Phyllis Diller.
Now that is hilarious!
I hear cartoon dog, Teddy bear, Benji and get this :!: , blond Elmo! I think they are hilarious, but I like "furry pajamas".
A couple of people have said that Dakota looks like Tramp from "Lady and the Tramp"! And I must admit, he sorta does! :lol:
I was told by the carpet layer that Cinnamon looks like the dog in Win-Dixie. I've not seen the movie, so I'm not sure if that's a good thing! My mom calls her a "Fraggle" (a muppet thing).
I like the "OMG, I thought it was a stuffed animal!"
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