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What color of doodle are you?

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Doodle Color..What color r u and how many are?????

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How many Chocolate doodles are there on here? Or Cream, Red, Black and if I missed you just send a message. I was just wondering.
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Well Jofi is chocolate cafe. Jofi's soon to be brother is gold/apricot - he's only a couple of week's old at the moment so time will tell.

Here are the official colours:

Black (can have grey)
Blue (solid black with 'blue' tint)
Chocolate (pure)
Cafe au lait

Have I missed any out?
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doodleallday said:
Libby & Jofi-
which color would my Libby Lu be considered? She's not really red, but not really apricot either, is she? Lots of people have asked me what color she is and I always say "I don't know, I just call her Peanut Butter Pup." that's the color she looks like to me!
Great name for a doodle by the way ;)!!

Sorry it took ages for me to reply.

You're right, she's a gorgeous colour. According to the Rutland Manor website, reds and apricots have black nose pigment whereas a caramel has a rose nose - so officially I'd guess she is a rich caramel.

This is what it says:

Just as there are different shades of red with red haired humans so it is with dogs. The basic difference between a Red and a Caramel is the color of their pigment (nose, lip and eye rims and paw pads). Reds have Black pigment and dark brown eyes. Caramels have rose pigment and honey to hazel eyes.
1 - 2 of 86 Posts
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