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What color of doodle are you?

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Doodle Color..What color r u and how many are?????

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How many Chocolate doodles are there on here? Or Cream, Red, Black and if I missed you just send a message. I was just wondering.
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Max is grey in him

Peanut ...cream with a bit of white and some apricot
(and son let her on the couch which is a no-no hahhaha)

Beau all red

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momoftwo....Max is Blue too and black is also one of the hardest colors to photograph. The best time we truly see Max's Jet Black color is right after a bath when it dries WOW shiny deep black with almost bluish tones.
his skin also has a bluish hue to it since he's been a puppy.
MUDDY RED :wink:

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welcome and WOW that is a BEAU look alike for sure! :shock: :D
and Hallie is beautfiul!! glad you joined the forum
MerNor....Remember BLACK doesn't show dirt hahhahaa
cream/apricot is gorgeous but Peanut is always the 1st to look dirty hahhaa so even though you can brush mud out when it's dry, it has a bit of a hue to add to the coat :wink:
1 - 5 of 86 Posts
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