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DOODLE can do ORIGAMI TP!! (pics included!)

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Ok i never sleep in but yesterday I did for once. Seems Dave got up but Max & Peanut refused to get up, stayed in bed with me instead. He tried 3 times to bring them out to go potty before he left for work --NO Go.

I get up, half asleep see Peanut wearing a Cheshire Cat smile which usually means Trouble hahahhaa i open her mouth (1st place we check) and see it's white towards molars
but dismiss it as I hadn't had morning coffee yet nor my glasses on.

About 30min later coffee hits, i have to use ladies room :wink:
and when done notice Peanut's artistic ability on a new DBL ROLL OF CHARMIN (squeezably soft) TP
I could NOT stop laughing!
I didn't tell DAVE and let the PEANUTIZED TP for DAVE to discover late last night ......he goes to get ready for bed ,
goes to the MENS room :wink: and all I could hear was laughter!

why PEANUT waits till she's 1.5yrs old to take a liking to TP NOW is beyond me but she's costing us a small fortune.
Maybe i need to switch brands?
MR WHIPPLE , where is he when you need him?
OR ENROLL Peanut in a ORIGAMI class???

ps she also dirt-surfed one plant as i see the dirt around the roll of TP hahhahaaaaaaaaa

HERE"S the look I get from Princess Peanut BEFORE I realize what she's been up too

Here's here handiwork of TP ORIGAMI with dirtsurfing evidence

and here's what she does when I ask her if SHE was the artistic creator of my now ORIGAMI TP roll

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Bwahahaha..neither Peanut or Max did that!!! They're too old for that was Beau!!! He came for a visit while you were sleeping!!! Hahahahaha...great pics Annmarie!!! Thanks for the laugh! :wink: :wink:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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