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Ok all you experienced dog people. I have a question. Having Frenchy here this weekend with Coal has made me notice big differences in their personalities. Frenchy is much more attentive than Coal. When I call her, she usually comes to me. Coal.... well.... not so much. Frenchy will retrieve a ball over and over again. Coal.... well.... he usually runs after the ball and may pick it up but doesn't usually bring it back to me unless he is in a really playful mood. Coal is much better at calmly sitting down when the command is given. Frenchy seems more excitable in all aspects. I guess my question would be, what does this mean?? Does it make one or the other a better or worse family pet? Would Coal be classified as having a low prey drive? I am clueless about all of this and I love the pup whatever he is but I was just curious (and I wish he would play fetch!).
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