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We have been going to a park here for a little while every day. I don't turn Toby loose with the very small dogs for fear that he would accidentally hurt them. We have been lucky to be there mostly with dogs his size...or close. A doberman got him down one day last week and the owners very quickly removed their dog from the park. Toby wasn't scared, he just layed real still until he saw that we had the problem under control.. (very good instinct on his part) The important thing at the park, is to stay attentive to the moods of all the animals that are there. I stay within ten feet of Toby at all times. Also, I think six dogs at a time is PLENTY. If the crowd gets any bigger than that, we leave. You can tell very quickly by observing if everyone present is in control of their pet. If people don't have control..we don't play. A young lady was there this Tuesday with 2 very large dogs who did not mind her at all. They weren't mean...just wild, Toby ran with them for a few minutes and when I saw things getting too rough I just took him on home for fear she wouldn't be able to rein hers in if need be. Always, err on the part of caution!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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