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dog friendly vacation homes

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We are planning a trip to Florida in March and want to take Sadie with us. Does anyone know any dog friendly vacation homes in the central gulf coast area? It's taking me hours to sort through all of the websites as you often have to read each listing to find out if they allow pets. Someone ought to design a labradoodle friendly travel website!
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I don't know about dog friendly places in Florida, but when we took Summer with us on a road trip to Texas, we found this website was helpful. You can search by town, and they also list dog friendly beaches. We even looked up dog friendly restaurants where we could sit outside and eat with Summer. Have fun- travelling with a doodle can be quite the experience.

Bridget and Summer
That is a great website! Jannie, I know you said Gulf Coast, but I just wanted to tell you that the Florida Keys is very dog friendly. I noticed some Key West (about 2 hours from me) properties advertised in the website. Also, the Loews Hotel chain takes dogs of all sizes and even has special room service selections just for them!
I took a look at the website. It is very good. Has anyone purchased the book they are selling? It has dog friendly hotels, parks, beaches, restaurants etc in both Canada and USA.

We did manage to find a place that accepts "well behaved" dogs. Let's hope Sadie is well behaved! She has not had an accident in the house for quite some time, but we will bring her crate as she may not adjust that easily to a new home.
Polo Beach has many pat friendly rentals which allow pets and also provide good facilities to them.Holiday Rentals in Polo Beach have great experience of pet friendly services.Polo Beach is a great place for pets as well as for family vacations.
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