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Dog Chews!!!!!???!!!!

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Please tell me what are your favorite chews/ bones. Gunner is chewing up everything and really FAST. They are so stinky and messy. What does you dog chew on?

Thanks for all your help,
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Hi Amanda,

Coal LOVES nylabone edibles. They aren't really smelly. They are slightly messy but he really loves them and they keep him busy for a while! When I say they are messy, he gets the bone residue on his front paws. I just use the brush on his front legs and he is basically as good as new!
Nylabone edibles are great, but they only last about 5 minutes in Summer's paws!! I really like sterilized marrow bones. You can jam treats, cheese, or peanut butter in them. Summer likes to chew on them, and they last forever. You can also buy the ones with all of the tendons and ligaments still on them, but they can be a little messy. Some people say that dogs can break their teeth on marrow bones, but I haven't had a problem.

Bridget and Summer
Bandit goes through the Nylabones within 2-4 minutes.

What has REALLY worked well in the Bully Stick. Got that 3' thing and cut it into ~9" sections. He goes at it for hours and keeps him happy.

They also have a braided style. The 3' section was @ Petco for like $12, so it was worth it to get and just cut it up so he could have more later.
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Geeze you guys! Your dogs are animals! Haha. Seriously, it takes Coal a while to finish off one of those Nylabone edibles. Maybe it's an age thing. Coal is only 16 weeks old. Sounds like you have a few good suggestions here Amanda!
We had a similar problem with Maggie chewing everything up in 2 minutes. Our vet suggested Red Barn Filled Bones (available online from Red Barn). They have different sizes and fillings and she loves them. She does have to work for several hours to get the filling out but continues to chew on the bone for at least 2-3 weeks. We also have a KONG toy for her that she hasn't been able to chew through, but she only likes it when it is filled with a treat or to play a game of fetch with us.
okay, what flavor of nylabone are you using, because they stink so bad. I have to spray air freshener and light candles. Gunner does loves them but he can eat one fairly quickly. He is a teething machine!

I must sound like a sissy, but I don't care for the dirty paw thing. I gave him a hartz bone, the nylabone style, and he had it for a few days, but it is everywhere literally. It doesn't brush out too well either.

I am so on the hunt for the perfect dog chew.

PS. now, I have to worry about rattle snakes. I found one in our yard today. It is sooo hot here!
we also have the puppy kong, but Gunner never seems to get the treat out. Is that a skill he will learn?
Well, ok, maybe they are stinky :? . My nose doesn't work too terribly well sometimes and I find that it is either a blessing or a curse! I am intrigued by the Red Barn bones. I am going to look into them for Coal myself! Nylabone does make fruit flavored edibles too (less stinky for sure) but Coal definitely prefers bacon or cheese. Amanda, where are you that it is so hot and rattle-snakey?
Never noticed the stinkiness of them... (RE: Nylabones)

Bandit likes the Ham & Cheese, Peanut Butter, BBQ Chicken, and LOVES the Bacon.

Unfortunately he is finished before hes even started with them.

Tried the Hartz Bacon, and didnt like how it was starting to stain the carpet and such (coloring added), but he was at it for a while.

The Kong things works to a point, but he is starting to wear it out/chew through it.

I gave him one of these and he went pyscho on us, couldnt get near him to take it away, nor could we get him to come in. Rather comical and made for a good puppysitter. :eek:

I am FULLY sold on the bully sticks... even though to think of what it is can be disturbing, but it doesnt leave a huge mess, doesnt have an offending odor, lasts for a while, and he seems to enjoy them.

The compressed/formed rawhide treats are nothing more than a snack as he rips through them in less than 5 minutes too.

They also have a beef flavor that he liked, but they changed up the formula and became darker in color, VERY offensive oder, and he stopped chewing on them.

The other thing he likes is the rope pulls... we took them and made a beef broth and cooked them in it for 15 minutes or so... let it soak it all up, and he goes nuts for them and will sit and chew those for a while in addition to playing fetch.
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Puppy Chews - Kong

If your puppy is having trouble removing the Kong treats then maybe you should try the Kong stuffing. I have never used it but I would think it should be much easier to get out. I am still a real advocate of the Red Barn filled bones though, they last for a few weeks and are reasonably priced.
Our doodle like bullysticks too. They keep him busy for awhile and seem safe and non-messy. They can be pretty expensive ($12 for a 36 inch one at Petco). I found them at our local Costco stores(Northern California). I think you get a pack of 12 (12 inch sticks)for about $10.
Can you give a dog a real bone? They are cheap to buy and you would think the dogs would love them.
I am going to check out the bully stick tomorrow.

The hartz dental thing last, but a total mess. All over the carpet.

Stacy, I am in Texas. Yesterday, it was 85 degrees and today it is 45. Hopefully, he is out of here.
maggieinpa, what website do you buy the red barn stuffed bones from?

Wow Keith. What a great post. I love the cooked rope idea, but I think that would have to be an outside entertainment. Doesn't the broth get on stuff? I, too, am going to try RedBarn.
Red Barn Filled Bones

Hi Amanda, I purchased the bone at my vet's office the first time but I have also purchased them at a smaller local pet store. However, I did look on the wrapper and you can buy them at I think they are like 3 for $10 or 6 for $18. They really last awhile and she loves them.

Let me know how you make out..
casey loves greenies. a regular sized one will last 3-4 hours. you do have to be careful and get the appropriate size.
wannadoodle said:
I love the cooked rope idea, but I think that would have to be an outside entertainment. Doesn't the broth get on stuff?
Not at all. I had this concern, but the broth just cooks into the fibers and leaves the flavor. We let them dry for a few (2-3) days and the residue was no longer present. They work great and really help to keep his teeth clean!

Not to mention make fetch entertaining. :eek:
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