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Here is the information I have that I got from a friend who is NOT a vet but very knowledgable about dogs (just my disclaimer :D )

.5-2mg(MAX) per lb(of your dogs weight) every 8 hours. My bendryls are 25mg capsules.

I have found that just giving one benedryl when Sammy's eyes are extra red seems to help a lot and lasts a while. I would give as little as possible... the smallest amount that works. No need to over-medicate.

Also, make sure you are around for a while after you give it so that you can see how the dog reacts to it. Most likely he will be a little sleepy, but I have had a friend who's dog gets extra hyper from benedryl so I guess every dog is different. I would start with 1-2 per day and see if that helps.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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