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DIANE go according to what your vet advises

My doodles when they had sarcoptic mange last year had the 1mg per pound of weight 2 times a day.
NOW Max was fine on the high dosage(3 tabs 2x a day) but PEANUT wasn't good on say 50mg 2 times a day after the 2nd week
she'd whine and cry for no apparent reason.......benedryl makes her not feel right if this makes sense AND the lower dosage is fine like
25mg but at 50mg UH UH she weighs 60lbs
I am ONLY stating this as a precaution or to let others know that some dogs can react to benedryl
so Peanut only gets the lower dosage if absolutely necessary.

NOW Peanut does regular sneezing and does have an unknown allergy..........wish i could help but i have yet to really learn or recognize
reverse sneezing.

thanks for the articles JAC

LISA........nice to see ya!!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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