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Dog Allergies

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Dakota has been doing what a vet called reverse sneezing. He does it evertime we bring him in from our backyard, yet he doesn't do it at the dog park. It really sounds like allergies and the Vet technician said many times Benedryl is effective. Does anyone have any information on dosages?
Diane (and Dakota)
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OK--I talked to the Vet's office again and if any of you are interested, they recommend 1 mg per pound of doggie weight. Hmmm . . . but she also said, 2 tablets twice a day. That doesn't add up. I think I'll start with one tablet twice a day and see if that helps.
Diane (and Dakota)
Good luck, I saw on one of the other posts 1 mg per pound or as close as possible to the weight.
Here is the information I have that I got from a friend who is NOT a vet but very knowledgable about dogs (just my disclaimer :D )

.5-2mg(MAX) per lb(of your dogs weight) every 8 hours. My bendryls are 25mg capsules.

I have found that just giving one benedryl when Sammy's eyes are extra red seems to help a lot and lasts a while. I would give as little as possible... the smallest amount that works. No need to over-medicate.

Also, make sure you are around for a while after you give it so that you can see how the dog reacts to it. Most likely he will be a little sleepy, but I have had a friend who's dog gets extra hyper from benedryl so I guess every dog is different. I would start with 1-2 per day and see if that helps.
Good advice, Kelly!
I know that when I take the recommended dosage, I sleep for 4 days! I can't take the I agree, small amounts and be sure to watch your pup for a while.
I have a dog that does reverse sneezing once in a while...and I read about it online...they didn't say anything about allergies, only that it is a common thing for dogs and although it sounds bad, it isn't I never have done anything. (But then it only happens about twice a no real serious problem here...thank goodness!)
I have a question about reverse sneezing, does it sound like the animal has some sinus drainage they are trying to clear? We have a cat that will make a noise we thought was a sinus problem maybe it is reverse sneezing, our neighbor's dog makes the same sound. Just curious, thanks.
Lisa, our dog sort of gasps and sounds like a choking is one of many articles that explain reverse sneezing: ... ezing.html

This is another informative link:

Thank you for the info, this is exactly what our cat does!!! Good to know what causes it.
Glad it helped, Lisa...there is nothing worse than having something going on with your dear pets and being unable to is always good to have a reassuring bit of info!
DIANE go according to what your vet advises

My doodles when they had sarcoptic mange last year had the 1mg per pound of weight 2 times a day.
NOW Max was fine on the high dosage(3 tabs 2x a day) but PEANUT wasn't good on say 50mg 2 times a day after the 2nd week
she'd whine and cry for no apparent reason.......benedryl makes her not feel right if this makes sense AND the lower dosage is fine like
25mg but at 50mg UH UH she weighs 60lbs
I am ONLY stating this as a precaution or to let others know that some dogs can react to benedryl
so Peanut only gets the lower dosage if absolutely necessary.

NOW Peanut does regular sneezing and does have an unknown allergy..........wish i could help but i have yet to really learn or recognize
reverse sneezing.

thanks for the articles JAC

LISA........nice to see ya!!!
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