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I have not used it.
Some info from a recent discussion, along with some new info on beet pulp:

On the dog food scoring list, Royal Canin was 106 and Canidae was 112. So, I think it is a good food. I did find this review from someone on the web who sounds knowledgeable (but on the web, you never know! ). Her comments on Royal Canin ingredients:

Royal Canin Ingredients:

Chicken meal, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, chicken, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), brewers rice flour, dried eggs, brown rice, barley, natural chicken flavor, cellulose, beet pulp, brewers yeast

Brewer's rice is a lower quality rice product that is missing many of the nutrients found in ground rice and ground brown rice.

Whenever flour is part of an ingredient's name, the grain has been processed and some (or all) of the nutritional value has been lost. Frequently these flour ingredients are simply the leftover dust from processing human food ingredients.
And I think I read that chicken fat is not a high quality ingredient and beet pulp is just a cheap filler.
Brewers Rice

AAFCO - Brewer's Rice is the small milled fragments of rice kernels that have been separated from the larger kernels of milled rice.
Natura will not use it because they state it is a "lower quality rice product that is missing many of the nutrients found in Ground Rice and Ground Brown Rice." Solid Gold says that is the sweepings from the floor of the mill.
Beet Pulp (Sugar) - CONTROVERSIAL

AAFCO - Beet Pulp is the dried residue from sugar beets which has been cleaned and extracted in the process of manufacturing sugar.
Natura uses it because - "it as a good source of fiber and a stool hardener". However, it is not found in their Innova or California Natural products.
Solid Gold doesn't use it because they believe it is: "Added to pet food to slow down the transition of rancid animal fats (think toxic waste). This holds the waste in. Kidneys and liver work overtime. Dogs may chew their lower backs. Feet may swell, so the dogs lick their feet. Sugar is a contributing factor to ear infections and cataracts".
Beet pulp is rather controversial, many think that it is an excellent additive and source of fiber and that all sugar has been completely extracted before being added as a pet food ingredients. If this is the only "problem" ingredient in a kibble, other factors will have to help you decide.
Corn is controversial, some think it is not terrible, others say it is a major allergen and is being used because it is cheap...

I also saw it mentioned that Royal Canin has a kennel for dogs used for testing their products. Their website does state this and they seem very proud of it. I just feel sorry for the animals whose whole life is spent kenneled for testing food...

Kennel and Cattery

It took a year's planning and collaboration between Veterinarians, Dog Technicians and Cat Technicians to achieve the design of this kennels/cattery. This unique tool accommodates 128 dogs from 18 different breeds and 98 cats from 13 different breeds. They are looked after by animal keepers who are devoted to them. The animals' wellbeing is ensured by a specially designed environment: pens, watering holes, games and music in the boxes. Palatability and digestibility trials are the only ones carried out (the animal makes a "blind test" as it chooses between two foods). Rest periods (one to three weeks) systematically alternate with these testing periods.
I know you use supplements, so overall, even with these drawbacks, I would think the quality of the food is fairly good and with the supplements you would be fine.

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Thanks Linda, wow, Im not sure that i want to promote a food that uses that many dogs in a kennel with no life or future,
not to mention some of those ingrediants seem to be just flllers, They have a terrific breeders program

Im looking also at california natural lamb and rice
(steve broght home some can food, dont think its puppy specific,which is big on my list)

I have been using canadai to mix in with the pups morning and evening feeding they love it

Im torn here
I still need to find a food that is easier to get hen verus puppy food

Looking at that list on the website these look good because they are human grade, but I know availability and cost also come into the picture:

Flint River:


Solid Gold ... 2&code=110

They are all fairly expensive and may be difficult to find.

What do you think of Wellness?
All human grade, not too hard to find. Bella did well on it. ... _for_puppy

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Yes cost is a biggy

i have heard good things about wellness
i will check out costs on all you have listed,,
thanks so very much

Megan, you are definitely getting good quality with Orijen!
I buy Canidae from Pet Food Direct and have it shipped to me. The cost is $33 for 40 pounds. Shipping is about $12 and I can usually find a coupon for $6 off.
The same company sells Orijen, 29 pounds for $50, so yes I would say you are feeding premium (and premium priced) dog food. But if he loves it..... :lol: It is 70% human grade meat. Look like a great food.
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