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Dilemma -- Should I take her with me?

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Hi all -- I have been browsing this wonderful forum for the last weeks now before and since Emily got home. Tips you all provided have been very very valuable and I always look forward to all new posts and comments. Emily is my first puppy since I was a teenager (long long time ago :D ) and she has been a delight to have around (including extra pounds I lost with all the housebreaking). My question is the following: I will spend the Christmas holiday with my family in Brazil (13 days) and I was wondering what the best option is fo Emily:

(1) take her with me -- 10 hour flight!!! but she will be with me and very well cared for
(2) leave her in a kennel/camp -- she will be almost 5 months old, but I hate to think about her locked up for longer period of times in small spaces even with 3 walks a day....

Any suggestions/comments from experienced doodle owners are appreciated. Also does any one know nice camps/kennels in CT/NY area?

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We had the same dilemma with Chouette: we got her in mid-June when she was ten weeks old, but already had made plans to go to France for two and a half weeks at the end of September/beginning of October. I too didn't want to leave her at a vet's, or any place where she'd be kenneled all the time. Luckily our neighbor told us about her husband's receptionist, who dogsits in her home. She has two other dogs of her own in the house and does work during the day, but her husband is in and out all the time so they're not crated for long periods, and they get plenty of time to play. Except that Chouette came home with a very smelly ear I was really pleased with her. Chou was very happy to see us but seemed just fine and I could see how comfortable she was there. And she only charged $10 a day!

In fact, I told my vet's office about her because I know she'd like more "customers."

If you could find something like that for Emily it would be perfect.

On the other hand I have an artist friend in New Hampshire who goes to France a lot and usually takes her standard poodle with her. She says Bisous does fine with it, but I do wonder. I've thought of taking Chou with us if we go next year but seven hours is a long time, too.

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When Chouette was shipped to us from Denver there was no need to bring her to the airport that far ahead; we used Continental to get her here. And Bisous seems to be fine with the flights; every dog is different. Who knows how an individual will react!

I still think leaving her here is the best plan if you can find a place you're comfortable with. What fun to be going to Brazil!

We're planning a long day in NYC in a couple of weeks, too, to go to the opera, but son is going to be watching Chou. After all, I watch his kid all the time!

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