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Dilemma -- Should I take her with me?

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Hi all -- I have been browsing this wonderful forum for the last weeks now before and since Emily got home. Tips you all provided have been very very valuable and I always look forward to all new posts and comments. Emily is my first puppy since I was a teenager (long long time ago :D ) and she has been a delight to have around (including extra pounds I lost with all the housebreaking). My question is the following: I will spend the Christmas holiday with my family in Brazil (13 days) and I was wondering what the best option is fo Emily:

(1) take her with me -- 10 hour flight!!! but she will be with me and very well cared for
(2) leave her in a kennel/camp -- she will be almost 5 months old, but I hate to think about her locked up for longer period of times in small spaces even with 3 walks a day....

Any suggestions/comments from experienced doodle owners are appreciated. Also does any one know nice camps/kennels in CT/NY area?

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Welcome to the forum Maria and Emily!!! bondoso! This is a hard question to answer...a 10 hr.flight is going to be tough on little Emily, but so is a 13 day separation from you! Do you have any friends or family in the area that you trust that could house-sit for you while you're gone? I know there are a lot of pet-sitting business's that are bonded and will go into your home and walk and feed her 3 times a day..that way she's in her own environment...not sure what they charge, and we've never used them...any good neighbors you can trust that might be willing to walk her and play with her? We too are planning to travel to Brazil next summer to visit friends and will have the same dilemma...only with two dogs. :shock: :shock: (hence the 'bondoso'...I'm trying my best to learn Portugese before we go..hahaha)...anyway, if what I just mentioned doesn't work out, then I guess I would lean toward leaving her at a daycare/camp if you can find one...Good luck!! And's harder on us than it is on them!!!! :wink: And keep us posted!
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Maria, I just pm's you....go to the top of this forum and you'll see 'You have 1 message' and click that on for a long winded explanation!!! hahahahaha
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