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Dilemma -- Should I take her with me?

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Hi all -- I have been browsing this wonderful forum for the last weeks now before and since Emily got home. Tips you all provided have been very very valuable and I always look forward to all new posts and comments. Emily is my first puppy since I was a teenager (long long time ago :D ) and she has been a delight to have around (including extra pounds I lost with all the housebreaking). My question is the following: I will spend the Christmas holiday with my family in Brazil (13 days) and I was wondering what the best option is fo Emily:

(1) take her with me -- 10 hour flight!!! but she will be with me and very well cared for
(2) leave her in a kennel/camp -- she will be almost 5 months old, but I hate to think about her locked up for longer period of times in small spaces even with 3 walks a day....

Any suggestions/comments from experienced doodle owners are appreciated. Also does any one know nice camps/kennels in CT/NY area?

First time doodle owner
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Hi :)

We are going on vacation next month and are taking Dex and Kirby to Camp Bow Wow (national chain) for 7 days. Maybe there is one near you? I agree it's a tough decision, but I don't think I would take the puppy - I would either find a boarding place or a friend to watch her.
Our 2 doodles are going to stay overnight at Camp Bow Wow this Saturday (we are planning a long day in NYC) so I'll let you know how they do. Hopefully they do well because they are booked for a week there in December when we go on vacation!!
Just a tip with camp Bow wow. I would make a reservation now. You can always cancel. I was told that they fill up fast for the holidays!
I totally agree...they are amazingly good about things. I asked "what if we have to cancel" and they said "no problem - just try to do it more than 24 hrs prior to your reservation". Other places sometimes require deposits.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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