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Not sure if this helps but I can tell you what we do!

Sammy is 11 weeks and she does poop about 4 times a day. I thought that might be a little much considering that she only eats 3 cups of food a day, but I have also been giving her a kong filled with yogurt and frozen on days when I have to leave er at home for a couple of hours, and during her food transition from the food her breeder was feeding, I was adding a couple spoonfuls of Pumpkin in order to avoid loose stools during the transition. The pumpkin is probably the source of all the pooping since it has so much fiber. We will see how her habits change now that I am stopping with the pumpkin.

She eats out of her bowl, and yes I also add a little water since the dry kibble seems tough for her to eat a lot of, but often she takes a short break during her meals for a minute or so. Our vet said to give her 10-15 minutes to eat and to pull the food up if she doesnt finish in that time period. This has been working reasonably well for us, except when she goes to the door to signal she needs to go out right in the middle of a meal. In those cases we kind of start the timer over when she gets back in, as long as she is interested and eating, we let her. (she needs to put on a little weight though)...

pretty much she poops right away int he morning, we feed her about half an hour later, and then she poops again almost right after breakfast. Then once more in the afternoon, and once after dinner (again almost right after she eats).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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