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Dexter glad-handing the masses :)

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Yesterday was the first session of Dex's Puppy-K class, and it was handler orientation ("please don't bring your dog!!" :) ). He actually starts next Saturday, I can't WAIT for this!

Anyway, the instructor spoke about socialization etc, and how a pup has a window of time where he's a sponge, and the more NEW experiences he has the better. I've already taken Dex to two puppy play classes, which he loved, and I brought him to visit my friend's puppy and to go crazy playing together.

Sooooo today, I took Dex to the park with me and the kids, and I brought a pocket full of treats with me. While my kids played, I plunked Dex and myself down at a bench, and found as many kids and people as I could, and asked them if they'd give my dog a cookie. It was great!! People were more than happy to oblige, I was telling them that he had to meet 100 people a day!! (I swear if he didn't meet 100 people today it was darn close! ).

I kept a close eye on his posturing to make sure he wasn't getting freaked or overwhelmed, and he just was enjoying it all. What was really amazing to me was that when there were lulls in new people walking by, he'd just lay calmly at my feet and watch the kids on the swings, the people throwing the frisbees, and not pull on the leash. (don't get me wrong, he'd go a little berserk when meeting people, he' wasn't completely angelic on the leash... :twisted: ) but he was surprisingly content to relax when the immediate surrounding action died down for a while.

What a fun outing we had!!! He is now officially Conked Out.... :twisted:
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Way to go Dexter#3!!! Hope you got a chance to run off all those extra treats!! :wink:
Woof woof Dex3
That a boy, I still jump all up on new people and I
am one years old. My Mom sais it is because I have too
much love inside and I need to give some to everybody(she sais
she stole some of this saying from Gene) I don't care where she got it from I just love new people.
You were wonderful with meeting people great doggie!!!!!

Dexter says Woof to gene, Sue, and Denver for the good advice.

And yes, he had a good fetch session this afternoon to work off some of the "LOVE' and calories!! :D :D
There are NO calories in shoes Lynn...hahahaha
Glad you both had such a terrific time! That's a great way to get Dexter socialized! Way to go Dex!!! :D

Kathie,Raleigh & Molly! :D :twisted: :?
Glad it was such a good time Lynn :) We don't start for another 3 weeks so I'm dying to hear how Dexter's first class goes! Good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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