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Denver is Home

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I picked up my new puppy on Saturday. Denver is home and he is incredibly cute. We are so happy. We are official Doodle owners.

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Congratulations! When you have a chance pictures please! :lol:
Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about him!
Oh, that is so wonderful! the addiction begins!
Congratulations, I will say that all my dogs in the past have been very special to our family, but this Labradoodle stuff is amazing. I will never own a different breed. Good luck we want to see some pictures.
Jac you are sooooo right about the addiction! It only took me three months to act on that addiction!:lol:
Congratulations on your new baby!! It is so true about the addiction. :D Dakota is the first dog that my husband and I chose together--after 20 years! We seem to keep inheriting his son's dogs. We researched the breeds and kept coming back to Labradoodles and, hence, we choose Dakota. I always develop a tight bond with my dogs--even my inherited dogs! :wink: My husband probably does too but he doesn't really let it show. Not so with Dakota! He gushes about how smart he is, how cute he is and he beams when Dakota does his charming little antics like the silent bark! :lol: Those two have definately bonded and Dakota has no favorites--he loves all of us! I keep hinting about another dog and the answer always is, "Nope! Let's just have one dog and spoil him to death!"
Diane (and Dakota)
Congrats, Blueteal!
How did you pick his name? Since we're in the Denver area I just have to ask. :D
Congratulations on bringing your sweet Denver home. Get ready for a lot of smiles!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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