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Deli Fresh

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Just to let you know on my vet's recommendation, I switched to Deli Fresh from Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance as a topper to Quincy's dry food. Quincy loves it. (and now that his parasite is gone - I can actually pick up his poop) The vet suggested it since he gave it to his dog and noticed a tremendous difference in his dog's poops - a hugh topic of discussion in the Labradoodle forum. Petco and other pet stores carry it. It is sold in the refrigerated section in a loaf and contains chicken, rice and vegetables without the preservatives. You can download a coupon from the internet at
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It's cooked. You can see little pieces of cooked carrots/peas in it. You can tell it's very fresh as it crumbles easily and has no smell.
I think it's so expensive because of the shipping. Most of the pet stores near my house carry it. Have you checked around? The trial size which is 1 pound was 4.00 however the bigger quantity you buy the cheaper it gets - 2 pound loaf was $6.00. And that's huge. I can't imagine your dog would eat 1 of those loaves per day. I use it as a topper to the dry food - Nutro Chicken Rice & Oatmeal for Sensitive Stomachs seems to work the best for him
Megan - thanks for your complement. Quincy is a very handsome guy. Good thing he's so cute since he tires me out with his endless energy and obsession with anything that resembles a ball.

Lucky Me - I could probably cook up the same thing but there's a simple reason I don't - I Don't Cook - not for me or for Quincy. :lol: More power to you if you can do it yourself.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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