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Dakota's Vacation

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Well, this isn't exactly what we expected. This is the Saturday before Memorial Day at Eagle Lake!

Dakota didn't mind!

The weather did get better. This is Dakota and his new friend Barney.

Dakota has an issue with swimming. Well Barney set out to teach "the kid" how it's done!

And it worked!

His ball had a tear in it and would sink after filling with water. He actually dove completely under water three times to "fetch" it!

Ahhh! Nothing like a good nap after a hard play day at the lake!

Diane (and Dakota)
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AWESOME PICTURES! Dakota is a cutieeee! What a pretty place!
& the last picture could deffinately be in a contest!
I agree a good calendar picture!!!

hey speaking of calendars, who does one contact to get BROWN TROUT to notice our Doodles?
Brown Trout requires you to be a professional photagrapher--I'll try: I'm a marketing/PR person, so maybe Ill qualify and I'll submit all of yours too ....
Diane (and Dakota)
Did I leave out "I'll submit all of your photos??" I'm groggy: I will if they will let me . . . .
Our Bandit (well, Keith's Bandit) is every bit as pretty as the one on the cover this year!

My Yankee is no beauty pagent, but Jac, Lee Ann, Di and Linda all have GORGEOUS doodles!
"The Sound of Music" oh come on, I know that came to all of your minds when you looked at the third picture. :lol:

Beautiful pictures Diane!
Sound of Music! excellent!
I was actually stuck on the dog who reminded me of the nice Aussie Mom who cared for Babe the Pig! :oops:

but now that you mention it........yeah, I can see it!
the hills are alive.......
so glad dakota learned how to swim! YAY!!! did he actually go out so far that he couldnt touch? Maybe thats the next lesson :D
That is the next lesson! Try as I might, I couldn't launch the ball out far enough, :roll: but I do have a ball launcher that I'll bring with me next time! :p We'll get that boy swimming!
Diane (and Dakota)
we have found that Sammy will walk n her hind legs as far as she can reach, then eventually swim out to get it but her first few strokes look SOOO funny because she is coming up from having her hind legs on the ground, so she swims up and makes a lot of splashes... then she gets it together and its a smooth stroke all the way back to shore with her bumper in her mouth. So funny!
And oh by the way: Jett's Mom and Maureen--the sound of music??? The only music we heard at the lake was Woooof! Woooof!
And Charlies Doodle: thank you for the complements on the house. My husband and I have wanted a lake house for years, but anything near us was totally unaffordable. We have been going to Eagle Lake for 20 years and we decided we could handle a 5 hour drive :roll: My husband is a part-time general contractor and he built the house---I'll take my share of credit for the design! Dakota seems to approve!
Diane (and Dakota)
wow way to go! yes, the house is beautiful. I think it's great when people can find/afford lake/vacation spots.
That is awesome, the house looks incredible! I wish we could have one! Maybe one Christmas? :lol:
Thank you so much! I think the house is incredible, but it is due to much luck . Having a general contractor husband was quite convenient, and our new best friend up there is a master carpenter that worked for "beans" and the manager of the restaurant worked for "half the beans" during the winter because the restaurant closes! Plus local stores here, Lumberjack, Home Base and House to Home, all happened to close just when we needed material. Soooo we paid, at the most, 50 cents on the dollar! Yippee! Come visit us!
Diane (and Dakota)
Thank you for taking us along on your trip. I really enjoyed it...The hills ARE alive :lol: How beautiful.
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