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Dakota Graduated Again!

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Dakota graduated from intermediate school last night--he did great--we were so proud of him! :lol: We were very lucky because there were only two other dogs besides Dakota in this class, so it was close to having private lessons. The highlight of the evening was when Steve (instructor) blocked off the center of the ring with our stools except for about a 5 foot opening in the center of the "block". He had me put Dakota in a sit-stay at one end of the ring and had me walk to the other end (about 25 feet). He then said call Dakota to come. Well, big deal, I know that wouldn't be a problem. He came right to me--at full doodle speed, of course! :wink: Steve had me put him in a sit-stay again and walk to the opposite end. To my surprise, Steve (who is not at all fat, but a very large man) laid down blocking the 5 foot opening and held a ball up for Dakota. He again said call Dakota to come. It was a thing of beauty! :D At full doodle speed, of course, Dakota didn't blink an eye at Steve or the ball. Instead, he did an agility dog leap over Steve and came sliding into me! :eek: We repeated that with the same results. What a clown! Next was Holly, the little Schnauzer, and she was so intimated by Steve that she was looking for routes around him through our stools! We will move on to advanced training, but I think for now I'll keep working with Dakota and shoot for advanced around October.
Diane (and Dakota)
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I could just picture the evening in my mind! What a sight that must have been and I bet your heart was full of pride too, Diane, when your bundle of joy came right to you! Congratulations to Dakota and to you! Great job!!
Wow, that is impressive! Congratulations to you and to Dakota! Gooood work!
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