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Here is a picture of Dakota with his best friend, Sparky :lol: . My step son had a lab mix, which in his infinite wisdom he purposefully bred to a Rottweiler and, hence, we have Sparky. Sparky's father was an alpha male dog and would have killed Sparky if he could have, but a half-Rottie's jaws are much more powerful. The two had to be kept separated--that's how I would up with my beloved Seazr that I lost last fall. Seazr remained an alpha male jerk dog for life but he would die for me. My step son has always longed for dogs that would get along so we could do things together. Soooo, here we have Dakota and Sparky. Make no mistake--although Sparky is Dakota's best friend and hero, Dakota is NOT Sparky's best friend. He merely tolerates the wacky doodle pup. It's not at all unusual to have Dakota go airborne off of a piece of furniture square onto Sparky's back :wink: . So far the discipline has been through growls and an occasional bark but I fear something sterner is in my little guys future . . .

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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