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Holy smoke lady, I can't see you helping people for too long on this site. I have been a animal owner for my 56 years of life and not once have I ever seen anyone talk to a concerned pet owner like you just did. God help you lady if you ever make a mistake in your lifetime. Besides Some mistakes in life turn out to be the best mistakes. If you really want to worry about dogs then you should worry about the ones who are being beaten and abused not the ones who are going to have puppies like animals do. Do the wolves in the forest have owners making sure they don't have pups? You need to quit this job and apologize to that person. You are horrible at this job. To the lady who asked the question, its all good ask your question to someone else. Im sure they'll treat you much better. I was wanting to know the same question FOR WHEN I BREED MY LABARDOODLE TO MY GOLDEN. and I am not looking for an opinion from this site cause I don't care what this lady thinks,. She's Defiantly not a dog helper. Jailer would be good for you.
We have a golden retriever x labradoodle (ACCIDENTAL PUPPIES) and he is the most gorgeous dog i've ever come across. We think there should be more of this cross in the world. Everyone who meets him wants a pup of his and asks what cross he is. Having "Mongrels" is not irresponsible, it's a natural part of life.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts