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hi there. sorry to be so full of questions, but this forum is really great!

our dog is about to outgrow her 36" wire crate. she is 7 months old now and a great sleeper.

do we go ahead and buy the 42" crate, or is she getting old enough where we might be able to do away with the crate? We don't plan on traveling much with her (I'd prefer to board her) and she sleeps through the night. i'm afraid I don't have room for a 42" crate; currently she sleeps in the laundry room so my husband can quietly shut the door when he gets up at the crack before dawn. (he used to wake her up when he'd get up at 4:30 or 5 am because he is just so darn loud, and then I'd have to get up with her because she'd bark when he left her gated in the kitchen to get ready to leave for work. i was putting her to bed at 10:30 pm and then having to get up at 5:00 am to just sit in the kitchen with her.

so crating her in the laundry room has worked great, and I'm not really keen on letting her sleep in our room. she has just started earning freedom in the house but has peed on our carpets without warning a few times, so it makes me want to keep her gated in the kitchen.

i am worried about her chewing my cabinets if she gets bored, so maybe I'm answering my own question about the crate; maybe we should go ahead and get the bigger crate.

do they ever get to the point where they don't need to sleep in a crate (like after the puppy stage?).
thanks for any insight.
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