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Couple of questions

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Looking for mini-labradoodle pup and have a couple of questions about processes by which these dogs are typically bred.

1. Any advantages/disadvantages/problems with a puppy bred through artificial insemination, rather than traditional mating of male and female parent dogs?

2. Anything to recommend or argue against breeding of a regular, full-sized labradoodle mother to toy (rather than miniature) poodle father?

Thanks for any input you all can provide.

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Hi :)

I would consider 40-50 lbs to be a medium doodle...anything 35 or less I would consider mini (I think I remember hearing of some minis in the 20 lb range).

You could definitely get a 40 lb dog from 2 smaller parents (wouldn't even need to go down to a toy poodle).
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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