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Considering a second doodle, for the second time.

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This is round two at trying to rescue a doodle and a second to our pack. Someone beat us to Lilly the first time we tried, but this one is only 1h from our house. I've called and emailed the rescue and am waiting for a call back. Its another girl to go with our Hershey girl. Cross any fingers you have.....

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YEAH :) I'm happy for you guys.

Concerning sleeping - we just went through this with Kirby and Dexter. The first 3-4 nights Kirby slept in his crate and Dexter slept in our bedroom. Then I realized that Kirby is very trustworthy (probably more so than Dexter) so for the last 3-4 nights we have had both on our bedroom floor and it's been great. Kirby is very very well behaved and is a quiet little angel until we tell him it's time to go outside. Oh we leave them some chew toys (non squeaky ones) on the floor in case they get bored during the night.
If you weren't sure then you did the absolute right thing! Good luck with your search!!!
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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