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Considering a second doodle, for the second time.

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This is round two at trying to rescue a doodle and a second to our pack. Someone beat us to Lilly the first time we tried, but this one is only 1h from our house. I've called and emailed the rescue and am waiting for a call back. Its another girl to go with our Hershey girl. Cross any fingers you have.....

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What a beauty!! Puppy prayers coming your way!!
Maybe you could use the...."But Dakota would REALLY excel in agility with a training partner!" :wink:
Yeah, that's the and my wife Morgan Fairchild...we influenced Sue! :wink:
Jonah and Miko spend the first 5 minutes after lights out wrestling over who gets to claim the "prime real estate", Jonah usually wins! :wink: Then he usually gets off the bed and sleeps on the floor, returning again sometime during the night. Thank goodness for a queen sized bed! :shock:

They two dogs will make the decision for you once they establish their place in the pack. :wink:
Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm! I respect your decision to wait til all is right. Paws crossed that the time for a playmate for Hershey will be soon!
1 - 6 of 46 Posts
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