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Considering a second doodle, for the second time.

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This is round two at trying to rescue a doodle and a second to our pack. Someone beat us to Lilly the first time we tried, but this one is only 1h from our house. I've called and emailed the rescue and am waiting for a call back. Its another girl to go with our Hershey girl. Cross any fingers you have.....

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Are you saying for a little nookie, you could get another dog
and name it Cookie.
I did not just say that ...................................
gene did it ,,,oops he made me, oops would ya believe he influenced me somehow. Yeah that's it He influenced me somehow.
gene said:
Yeah, that's the and my wife Morgan Fairchild...we influenced Sue! :wink:
I forgot his wife, sorry folks.
That is true it was him and his wife Morgan that influenced me (teehee)

I think there are a few us that would be in that club.

And yup, we women know that it still works
Whoever said "That a way to a man's heart is through his stomach"
was not a women!!

Oh am I ever bad today(teehee)
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