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Considering a second doodle, for the second time.

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This is round two at trying to rescue a doodle and a second to our pack. Someone beat us to Lilly the first time we tried, but this one is only 1h from our house. I've called and emailed the rescue and am waiting for a call back. Its another girl to go with our Hershey girl. Cross any fingers you have.....

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Did I say good luck!!!!! Yup, I checked, I did!! OK, now me. I WANT A SECOND DOODLE TOOOOO!!! Always have. Actually tried one once, but (long, sad story :roll:) it didn't work out. It's hubby; he says NO, NO, NO! DAKOTA'S OUR ONE AND ONLY! But I haven't given up just yet. I think Dakota would love a "sibling!" Well, for whatever good it does, I figure I've got one last good sales job brewing in me!!! :wink: :wink:
Isn't "All is fair . . . " etched in stone somewhere???? And Gene, don't ever sell the fairer sex (can I still say that?) short . . . there is no end to the possibilities of what I could and might use!!! :wink:
blueteal said:
Are you saying for a little nookie, you could get another dog
and name it Cookie.
Suppose it's that easy????? Hmmmm . . . 20 years of free . . . wasted! :shock:
You are doing a wonderful thing for Bailey!! I'l just bet that Bailey and Hershey become best pals in no time at all! Best wishes to you; I'm just so sure this is going to turn out great!
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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