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Doc woke up this morning with one goopy eye. I noticed he had a little white goop in the corner of his eye yesterday but didn't think anything of it. Does anyone know if there is a medicine I can buy over the counter for it or do I need to take him to the vet? I'm always for saving the expense of a trip to the vet, but will take him if necessary.
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I ran a quick goodle search and found this site didn't have time to read it all but here it is for you. ... icleid=251
Thanks, Gracie. I think I better take him to the vet for some anti-biotic ointment. I didn't find any on the Petco site so I can't run to the store to get some and don't have time to do mail order. I'm pretty sure it is not allergies because it is only in one eye.
Yeah it would probably be in both eyes if it was allergies also he might be itching if it was.
I took Doc to the vet and he does have conjunctivitis. Got some drops and he should be as good as new in no time!
I am glad that you took him in.
Chase (my Poodle) gets conjunctivitus too...not a serious problem, but a bit sore for them. Glad you got some meds to help out.
Well I'm glad you took him in then I'm sure left untreated it could cause eye damaged in the future so we don't want that. Thanks for updating us. :)
Here is some eye ointment

you can order
Terramycin without a prescription it works great,,,
this is what most vets use
hope it helps someone :)
Thanks Nancy! I appreciate you sending this link...I'll put it on my favorites!
Thanks Nancy. I saw that on DrsSmithFoster website too. I couldn't wait this time for it to arrive though, but, I might order some to keep on hand. I wonder if it has a short expiration date. It would actually be cheaper to get it from my vet if he wouldn't charge me for an office visit. I wonder if he would just sell me the drops if Doc got it again.
may be a good idea

to get the catalog ,,,it takes awhile to go thru it all,,has wonderful info along with recommended treatments,loads of natural treatments also
glad i could help :)
good tip Nancy!

also LAMBRIAR is a great veterinary supply house - reasonable and they have a vet on staff T/Th for meds that do require a Rx.

thanks to LeeAnn for sharing about that one! :D
kewl i havent used lambriar in awhile

cant remember why,,think they were a bit pricey
Kv has vet on call ,,in fact i talked to one last week,,i was really impressed,,very helpful!!
i like kv because the yearly catalog has so much info in it,,i have learned so much just from that,,LOL

this is actually a ointment,, will have to check but should be good for a long time,,
also a fyi,,dr foster and smith is probably the most pricey place you could order from,,
here is a couple of other links
Thanks Nancy, that's good info.

Jac - do you know what causes Chase's conjunctivitis? I thought, maybe, Doc picked it up from the dog park because I took him there on Sunday evening. My Standard Poodle developed real goopy eyes after she was a few years old. Its was from dry eyes, I forget the name for it. She had to get ointment in her eyes daily.
I had a little Shi tzu that had dry eyes and I had to put stuff in his eyes when he got older can't remember what they called it but I'm thinking it was because of his tear ducs.
Hi Kim,

I always thought that conjunctivitis was caused by dry when you asked this question it made me wonder...and I found a site that explains it pretty well...and dry eye and irritation is a factor: ... X.xml&dt=A

My vet gave me a salve to put in Chase's eye, but I think that eye drops to keep his eyes moist, now that he is well, is a good thing. Patty Daisy (Gabriele), from this forum, told me to (among other things):

Keep the eye area clean so no gunk & potential bacteria gets into the eyes. Use non-preserved saline (available in the contact lens section of drug stores.) Regular water doesn't have the right osmolarity (salt balance) & actually will cause further irritation. Saturate a soft clean cloth with the saline & hold it over his eyes (maybe while he's sleeping or snuggling on your lap) - after the crusty, goopy stuff softens, gently wipe it away. Occasionally during the day, if you see some goopy stuff starting, gently squirt a bit of saline in his eyes to flush the crud out. This also flushes out bacteria. (She did caution that I should check this out with my vet before I do anything.)

She was so helpful...a very nice person! (Thanks Gabriele! Chase is doing great and I found the drops!) I hope that this advice helps you too.
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Maureen, I don't know if you are aware of it or not but since our conversations on another thread about BYB and PM I thought I'd mention that Lambriar may be a good source for products for our dogs BUT they are brokers. I will not contribute one penny to anyone that makes a living off of puppy mills. Just thought you might want to know that :)
That is a good site Jac. Thanks. I'm hoping that Doc's was caused by bacteria in his eye since only one eye was infected. I hope he's not going to have the same chronic condition that my standard poodle had. That's good to know about the saline solution and getting the non-preserved kind is very important. Several years ago, I contracted bacterial conjunctivitis and the drops the Dr. gave me had preservatives in them. My eyes stayed red and irritated for a couple of weeks until I went back to the Dr. to find out what was wrong and he said I was allergic to the preservatives in the drops!
Diane, about Lambriar, are you serious?
Can I ask how you have verified this? If that is the case I'm glad to know it. thanks.
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