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Congrats on your new job Gene :)

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Congrats on a cool new job!

I love the taste of the caribou coffee, I have only had it 2x but it reminded me of a lovely fair trade organic I used to get in salt lake.

will you spill the beans (so to speak) and let me know if it is a good coffee?!
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Thanks! As I've only been there 2 days, I'm still learning, but yes we have some fair trade and rain forest friendly coffee. That is what they are striving for. I must say I do enjoy the coffee! I was a regular customer before joining on. A mint condition with 2 extra shots of espresso is my favorite!! :lol:
I KNEW thats what I tasted!! Did you know starbucks does not carry ONE single bag of fairtrade organic coffee. Drives me crazy. They have one maybe two fair trades and maybe two or three organics but none that is both. Grrrrrrrrr.

I love a single shot orange latte! Tastes like a dreamsicle! That and a coconut latte YUMMY!

How far away from detroit are you anyway? I need coffee!!
NE Ohio, so a little bit of a hike! I was told I made the PERFECT latte today! Ours are a little different from Starbucks. We're more traditional on the lattes and cappuccino, but do teh same thing with different names. I do love to sample them....hope my heart holds out! :shock: :roll:
GENE i hope you don't end up walking the walls hahahha after sampling all the different coffees hahahahhhaha i can see you zooming around as if you had roller blades on, pleasantly smiling giving the fastest and best service ever!!!

Congrats once again.

Stay tuned folks as Gene may be doing doodle 500 runs faster than his own doodles :shock:
hey GENE! What did I miss?
Is this a new job or a second job to pay for your coffee habit?

There's a Caribou a few miles west of me. Not as convenient as I would like...the iced coffee I tried there on my first time was FABULOUS!
New job! I was working at Best Buy in customer service and got burned out!! I'm still going to do 1 day a week there to supplement and keep my discount. It's less monet ( I mean money....Annmarie!) at Caribou, but I'm saving $25/week on my caffeine habit alone, plus there are tips. As soon as I learn the ropes.....a lot to ingest for this bear with little brain.....I think I'll love it! :wink:
Gene your new nickname is going to be Ricochet Rabbit Barista if you keep sampling any more coffee/espressos hahahah

on a serious NOTE i am so happy for you and wish you the best!! i know you will be great and remember it takes time to learn all the ropes.
Like they said: Rome wasn't built in a day"
Hey Gene, congratulations! Sounds like a fun place to work! I checked into the Caribu web site to see if they offered anything I could try out. We are defaf drinkers. They hava a large selection of ground decafs but we prefer whole bean. Do they have decaf selections in whole bean?
Yes...we do, there's about 4 or five. Usually 1 prepackaged, the others are bulk, but they'll sell any size from a 1/4# up, and if you want it ground, they'll do that for you too! So far it's been fun and challenging all at the same time. It's a lot easier for these 20 somethings that work there then us late 40 somethings to learn!
Ahh, I missed this thread somehow....Good luck and congrats on the job, gene!

(Although I must confess: I took exactly ONE sip of coffee ONCE in my life, and that was IT for me. I couldn't STAND the stuff...the smell, the taste, blech. I am a diehard tea drinker!! Everyone knows to break out the hot water and tea bags when I come over.)
We have great tea also.... :wink:
I passed my supervisor test!!

All this without even taking the classes. Due to circumstances at work, they "fast tracked" me to cover 3 opening shifts that they couldn't fill. I still need to take the classes and such, but I got the store keys tonight. My boss said I blew our district manager away! She told my boss..."Thanks for finding me my next store manager!"

Just hope I can live up to the hype! :oops:

The cream rises to the top, right? (No pun intended...)

Congratulations! Well done.
Gene wrote
I passed my supervisor test!!
Congrats to you Gene
That is terrific!!!!
Could not have happened to a nicer guy. :wink: :wink: :wink:
You better warn those guys at Best Buy that you are a SUPERVISOR NOW!
wow!!! totally awesome GENE....i told you that you could do it and YOU DID!!! congratssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

i am soooooooooooooooo soooooooooo happy for YOU!!! :D :D :D
Congratulations Gene! That is awesome!!!!
Free coffee, what a great perk! (sorry I couldn't resist) :lol:
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