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What should I do?

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Confinement vs freedom

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My husband and I are taking Tuesday off to go to the Mets home opening game :) We will be leaving on an 11 am train and probably won't get home until near 6 pm. Dex and Kirby have been left alone in the house together for 5-5-5 hrs before and have been totally fine. This would be about 7 hrs. My only real concern is that their time alone in the past has been mostly at night (after 6 pm) so I wonder if around 4:30-6 they will get antsy for dinner?

So please vote...normal daily confinement or freedom?

I just realized I never created a poll before :D
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My gut instinct is to let them free...but you know their idiosyncrasies better than I.

Have you ever been "late" feeding them? How did they act then? There have been a few times where the time has gotten away from me and I don't feed Dex for like an hour after his normal time, and he just kind of goes with it.

What is your worst fear of what they would do, that they haven't done before when you left them alone and free?
I would let them be free .............
They will just eat a little later. :wink: :wink: :wink:
Maya says to give them freedom! Do you have a dog sitter in your area that could come in and feed them? I have one for Maya and I think it's $15 for a 30 min visit. They play and then she will feed her.
Charlie also wants them to be free. Maybe they can have a little extra snack before you leave for the game?

Don't you usually keep them in the basement, with Kirby crated? My advice, for what it's worth, just keep them in a small area like the basement. Mine have free reign except for the bathroom, bedroom and I have a extended xpen that keeps them off the living room furniture and away from my stereo equipment/dvds/cds and bookshelf. As for the late dinner, a kong frozen with kibble and yogurt should do the trick. Let us know the outcome. I love doodles coming of age stories..... :wink:
thanks for all the advice.

Gene - believe it or not, Kirby gets really nervous when he's loose in the basement. We taped them and he barked the whole time :( We also taped them when they have total freedom and they both sat on the sofa together looking out the window calmly the entire time.

I'm leaning towards freedom, but I'll have to think it over.

We do not have a petsitter...I'm waiting for my neighbor to get a little older (she's 11) or our doodles to settle down a bit and ask her for help in times like this :)
If they just hung around calmly for that long, chances are they will be ok for a few more hours

Good luck and have fun at the game
Feedback from Jofi:

[wags tail and bounces up and down] "Let them run free...freeeeeee woof woof!" She likes the idea of them being allowed on the sofa as she too likes to sit and peer out the window and spy on the neighbours (and glare at other doggies who dare to walk past our house - because if they're allowed out and she's not then that's not fair). She also says it's worth leaving some extra treats (actually I'm paraphrasing she really said 'leave out ALL of the treats' as the need to gorge oneself may well arise) - perhaps hidden in a toy of some kind - then if they feel up to it they can play getting the cookies out and licking up all the crumbs from the sofa (and that's a lot of fun - especially when bits fall down the sides of the cushions) - they may of course sleep (doggie priorities you know).

I hope it goes well - I expect they'll settle down fine and patiently await your return after the game. Although Jofi denies it, she usually just sleeps when we're gone. Sometimes I've left extra food out because I would miss her normal feeding time and interestingly the food is still there when we return and only when we tell her she can eat, she eats - like it's all part of the ritual (the same goes for the cat my parents had growing up - if you put the food down without talking to the cat she'd ignore it - she'd then saunter over and wait for the person to pick up the bowl and 'talk' in a funny voice and then she'd get excited and only then she'd gulp it down).
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I really don't know what to say but if you leave them free , can you leave out their dinner too ? or will DEX eat both dinners?'

NOW is there a neighbor that could come walk them around dinner time in your yard?
I really don't know what to say but if you leave them free , can you leave out their dinner too ? or will DEX eat both dinners?'

NOW is there a neighbor that could come walk them around dinner time in your yard?
haha...if we left dinner out they would both eat it immediately (in the morning) :)

no there isn't a neighbor who could come in. we should be home by 6 though.

We gave in this morning and left them together in the basement (and left the webcam on to tape them). Kirb looked so sad when we told him to go to his crate so we caved :). So we'll see what we go home to. If it works maybe we'll leave them like that tomorrow :)

They did 5.5 hrs free together on Sat night and 3 hrs Sun afternoon and were fine. I just worry about a longer day for some reason :)
If they've been left before, maybe a few more more hours won't matter. Our trainer keeps saying dogs can't tell time so maybe they won't realize dinner is delayed?
Leave toys, some chew toys........and GOOD LUCK! If they make it through this they're doodle perfect!!
I vote freedom! Bella usually just lays with her head over the back of the loveseat watching out the window. I bet they just settle down and rest most of the day. Have fun!
PS: I'm a Phillies Phan! :lol:
Boyd votes for freedom. In fact, he wishes he didn't have to be confined to the kitchen when mom and dad are at work. Although mom lets him have the den and kitchen when she runs errands on the weekend and last Tuesday she let him have the house when she went to the store (shhhhh, dad doesn't know about that one).

I understand that dogs don't have a sense of time so to them it won't be 7 hours....
I've left Nicky by himself inside the house without any confinement for 5 hours, but not 7. He's been fine so far. I've been gradually leaving him for longer times. What is the maximum time anyone has left their doodle alone?

I don't know what to do with 2 or more doodles.
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