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My step son had a lab mix that he mated to a rot (brilliant idea). Anyway, the rot mix gets along well with all dogs except his lab mix father so I wound up with the lab mix. The lab was a very domineering, protective, possessive alpha male. When his son was about 3, he got tired of the lab always pushing him around and they got into it, real bad. Probably would have fought to the death. I got the father when he was about 8 and neutered him but it was already too late--he was an established alpha male. Since we had to keep the dogs totally apart for years, my step son really, really wants the lab mix and my dood pup to be friends. Problem is, the rot mix is afraid of little dogs (he was terrorized by a couple of chihuahuas when he was younger!) My step son's idea of making them become friends is to let the pup chase the rot around in the house. I think this is a bad idea. My idea is to keep the pup in his x-pen while the rot is in the house and let the rot decide when he's ready for the pup. Ideas?? Suggestions??
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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