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come on what's 1more?

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Okay this is it hahhaa what's a few more pics hahahahhaaa

can you tell after working all week long in the outside that
I do go a bit bonkers being cooped up inside cause it so cold out? hahhaaa

I was playing with the software for my Olympus camera
...this pic is not black and white , rather i played with the Hue then played with the
TONE settings


Peanut actually sits and thinks

True Colors---neat contrast :

Max in a normal state: energetic and up for a chase!

how can you say NO to this face???

and lastly, this is the MOST popular view: HINDSIGHT hahahhaa

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DAVE and I get mixed up as to WHO took What picture hahaha!!!
i figure it this least we get them

and Max's eyes are the color of Black Opals in that pic...i love it

Hindsight? we get alot of that here daily hahhahaa
Dextersmommy said:
AnnMarie, your post title made me spit chai tea all over the keyboard. I thought you meant 1 more doodle! I was gonna put in a call to Belleview (do they still come in the little white coats?)

Great pics by the way!
hahahaa!! i was waiting for someone to say that!!!
I realized AFTER i posted this Topic it could be interpreted that way hahhahahaaa

Rita, how do you know about little white coats? hhhahaa
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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