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I took a genetics class at Purdue University my freshman year in college. You guys are right- these terms have been used long before dog breeding! We used corn and other plants. In true genetics- an F1 x F1 = F2. Jac is right about the b meaning a backcross to the parent generation (in our case, a poodle). So if you breed an F1B x F1, it is not an F2B because you're not backcrossing, even though that's what pretty much every doodle breeder calls it. If I have reviewed my information correctly, a true F2B would be an F1B bred back to a poodle. Breeding an F1B to an F1 just doesn't really happen in anything other than doodles, which is why I couldn't find any information about it in my genetics books. Same with breeding F1B to F1B- that just doesn't normally happen because it is pointless in genetic testing. I guess people are going to call them whatever they want! I wish it were less confusing! They are second generation, but I guess all you breeders are just going to have to explain it!

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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