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Coat and weight question

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Chloe is 11 weeks old today. I noticed a bit of shedding, could she already be starting to lose her puppy coat?

Also, I weighed her last night and she already weighs 20 pounds. Her last vet visit 3 weeks ago she weighed 13. That seems like a huge weight gain but it has been awhile since I raised a pup.
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Thanks, I was just concerned that 20 pounds was a little much for 11 weeks but she isn't overweight, just a big black chunk. She lookes like a bear cub. I am beginning to think that she will be a bit larger than the 50 pounds that the breeder estimated her adult weight to be.

The shedding is minimal and only if I kind of pull it with my hands. She is an F1B so I am hoping for no shed or at least the smallest amount possible.
Just got back from Chloe's vet visit for her 3rd round of shots. She weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds! The vet said she definitely wasn't overweight and gave her an excellent bill of health.
No, her eyes are dark. The flash seems to reflect off of her eyes as blue. When I take a pic of Chase, his eyes reflect yellow...weird.
Thanks for posting the weight chart link. With my luck, Chloe will be 80 pounds! I already have a 95 pound chocolate lab! Good thing I have a king bed and it is just me and the dogs :)
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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