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Coat and weight question

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Chloe is 11 weeks old today. I noticed a bit of shedding, could she already be starting to lose her puppy coat?

Also, I weighed her last night and she already weighs 20 pounds. Her last vet visit 3 weeks ago she weighed 13. That seems like a huge weight gain but it has been awhile since I raised a pup.
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Omigosh, Chouette is fourteen weeks and only 15 lbs! I wonder if that means she'll be smaller than the 60 or 65 lbs we were expecting?

She has what I think is a fleecy coats, since it's a bit more silky than cottony. It's thick and wavy and so far she doesn't shed at all, but of course this is still a puppy coat.

Jane, what does Coco weigh now?

Chouette also doesn't eat much in the heat, so that may be affecting her a bit. She may start to pack it on more when it gets cooler. Or maybe not, and she'll just be small.

We just weighed Chouette and she's now 19.5 lbs! Tomorrow she'll be fifteen weeks. I guess the heat was just slowing her down. It's been cooler the last few days and she's been finishing her breakfast and dinner. Wonder whether the sudden boost in weight gain will continue....
Thanks for the link to the growth chart, Maureen! If it's fairly accurate it looks like Chouette would be right around where you thought she'd be as an adult, at about 60 to 65 lbs. I'm just pleased that she started gaining faster because I was a little worried after reading others' experiences! Thought I might end up with a miniature after all!

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