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Coat and weight question

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Chloe is 11 weeks old today. I noticed a bit of shedding, could she already be starting to lose her puppy coat?

Also, I weighed her last night and she already weighs 20 pounds. Her last vet visit 3 weeks ago she weighed 13. That seems like a huge weight gain but it has been awhile since I raised a pup.
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At ten weeks, Coco weighed 11.6 pounds;

at 14 weeks she was 17 pounds...5.4 pound gain
17 1/2 weeks old she weighed 25.6 a whopping 8.6 pounds in three and half weeks!!!!

So the weight gain must be as movistar said.....just fine!

Coco only sheds a tiny bit when I brush it may be that yours will shed a little.

Chouette is only 2 pounds under what Coco weighed at 14 weeks.....
Not much difference....she probably will have a spurt soon!

Great picture of Chouey! I took Coco's off....not a good one....will post one that looks more like her tomorrow.


Coco on the first of July...just a week over 7 months old
weighed 48.6 pounds.
On the 25th she will be 8 months old and I know she is over 50 now
....but will have her weighed about Aug.1....

She is really heavy to pick up now....don't do it often.

She tried swimming again today she really didn't like it much.
She panics. Poor thing. We don't have a pool, so it's not an issue....just thought she would like it once in awhile, but maybe not. :(

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Hurray!! I love clean bills of health and good reports!!
So glad you have a beautiful growing and healthy pup! Are her eyes really blue??

that's why I camera or flash does the same to Coco...either they were blue as a little pup, or they are day glow green now....unless I am outside and the flash isn't needed, it is hard to get a true picture of them!!
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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