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Coat and weight question

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Chloe is 11 weeks old today. I noticed a bit of shedding, could she already be starting to lose her puppy coat?

Also, I weighed her last night and she already weighs 20 pounds. Her last vet visit 3 weeks ago she weighed 13. That seems like a huge weight gain but it has been awhile since I raised a pup.
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Dexter is a F1B. About once a week I will notice little puff balls of his hair so I'll vacuum :) I do get a decent amount of hair out when I brush him. I find his slight "shedding" to be even less when I brush him regularly so you may want to try that if you wish to cut down on the hair you're finding.

About the weight - I think Dex was even bigger than that at 11 weeks :) He has topped out at 65 lbs and hit 60 lbs by 6 mos :shock:

Chloe is super duper cute!!!
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