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Coat and weight question

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Chloe is 11 weeks old today. I noticed a bit of shedding, could she already be starting to lose her puppy coat?

Also, I weighed her last night and she already weighs 20 pounds. Her last vet visit 3 weeks ago she weighed 13. That seems like a huge weight gain but it has been awhile since I raised a pup.
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Max (labradoodle)was 28 or 30 lbs at 14 wks...he's now 67lb and 26 in high. Lean body build. he sheds a little and i just sweep 3min a day.

max slowed down at 6mos and had a major growth spurt at 9mos old.
my breeder said max would be 50-55lb....yeah right !!hahahhaa

Peanut was tiny and 14lbs at 9wks....she's 7mos and 40+lbs at 21.5 in high and loooks like a little porker. she too slowed down in growth at 6mos and i pray she does NOT have a growth spurt.
Peanut is a small standard goldendoodle and doesn't shed
Leslie ---there ARE advantages to them being a bit smaller. Whereas Max can take up half the back seat, half the bed ...peanut doesn't. also it's easier picking up a smaller dog (well ususally unless they make their body limp) . I can't pick max up at all ,and he's only 67lb. Also when a 40lb doodle bangs into you it doesn't hurt as much as the 67lb taller one :wink:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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