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I have to take a moment to tell you what Coal did yesterday. I am a very proud doodle mom! We have a designated potty spot in the yard. Well, yesterday was a gorgeous day in AZ (high 70's) and so the kids, Coal and I spent a lot of time outside. Well, I had done the poop picking up and decided to trim up some rosemary bushes and pull a few weeds. Wouldn't you know when I wasn't looking that little Coal went to his potty spot and did a poop! He's starting to get it! Peeing is another thing though. I catch him peeing in my artificial grass and I just say NO, pick him up and take him to the potty spot. Sometimes he finishes peeing at the potty spot in which case he gets enormous praise. Anyhow, I feel like he is getting the idea. He is also starting to bark when he needs to out. He is much better at letteing me know if he has to poop rather than pee.

He also knows sit which is working out nicely already. When I feed him I tell him to sit before I put his bowl down and when I need to put his leash on I tell him to sit and it's much easier then! We almost have "lay down" learned too. He knows "come" but isn't very reliable with that yet. I guess I will have to call him a million more times and treat until he gets it down. I need to teach "leave it" and "drop it" as soon as possible! Coal loves to play "keep away" now and he is getting fast so that I have a hard time catching him. I know he sees it as a game but my son freaks out when Coal is running around the yard with a toy of his. They actually make me laugh so much. I can see just how my son would be with a sibling and I don't like the looks of it! haha. He is always telling on Coal, trying to tell Coal what to do, just being as bossy with Coal as a 2 1/2 year old kid can be. Aidan loves Coal though and I can tell they are going to be great buddies for one another. They are funny together.

Anyway that is what's going on with Coal! He is almost 11 weeks now and cute as a button! He's a really great little puppy!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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