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cleaning urine out of carpet - HELP!

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ok, so I ordered one of those black lights to see the all the spots that Farley has peed on the carpet, and I'm upset to say it's more than I realized. I have cleaned every one I know of with nature's miracle when it happened. I got out the steam cleaner today and worked on one area but it still "glows" even after being cleaned. Another one I scrubbed by hand again with Nature's Miracle, it still glows. does this mean that I'm not getting the urine out or will the area's that have been peed on always glow even if they've been cleaned really well???

And if I'm not getting it, what do I use to get it out??

Please please help!
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I don't know for sure....but I think I might just put that light away! No, seriously, do you leave the Nature's Miracle on the spot? I've been told to saturate the spot and then just leave it to dry. The enzymes are supposed to eat the protein in the urine, but I don't know if they eat whatever makes it glow with the blacklight. Good luck.
Im so glad i've never had pets that have peed on my carpet before!! I dont know what I would do...and so I really dont have much advice.

But I will add that when I asked my landlord if we could have a dog she said for us to make sure we get a dog already potty trained. Then she went on explaining that every apartment they have rented who had animals that peed on the carpets had ruined them. She said everything they tried and even having them proffesionally cleaned nothing worked, and they ended up replacing the carpets. So I kinda think that no matter how clean you get the carpet there will still be a trace of it.

Those blacklights show other stains, not just urine. You could be seeing a spilled drink or something else (laundry soap on your clothes even glows) maybe not all of those stains are from urine. Just a thought!
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