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Cleaning rawhide residue off paws..

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Paulie is an avid chewer of rawhide and it leaves a residue on the fur on his paws that is tough! I sometimes can just pull off some, and other times can brush some out, but he seems to have something always on there.. :?
Any suggestions to keep his paws soft and fuzzy??
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What kind of rawhide are you using. Tanner chews on the rawhide braids but they last him weeks and he doesn't get anything on his paws.

I use a brush and comb on his legs just as part of his regular brushing routine.
offhand, he uses Dingo bones. I would get up to go look at the other kinds, but Paulie is by my feet doing a nice 'stay' and I don't want to get up just yet! :)
I usually just brushed Cinnamon's paws. She has a sparse hair coat though, so it was kind of easy.
I buy the braids at Petsmart. They have 2 brands and I buy either one...the wone I have now is Salix Healthy Hide. I just don't buy anything but the light colored ones that they label as opposed to smoked.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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