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Clean and smelling fresh... Sampson gets a bath!

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"Sam got a nice bath with oatmeal and tee trea shampoo today. After, we rubbed in some leave-on lotion the vet gave us to help with the itchies. He was a little confused because this was the first time he got his head and face washed but he was a very good sport about it!

Now he has crashed on the couch and smells good, like coconut... mmmm!
Next, I'm going to break out the ear wash and get that nasty brown guk (ew!) out!!!"


Why did I have to get a bath? I wasn't even that dirty!

By aliciarose, shot with Canon PowerShot A560 at 2008-03-08

Hmm... They never washed my head before. That was my least favorite part definitely!

By AliciaRose at 2008-03-08

Hey, I look much more curly after my bath! Kinda nice, but I smell all girly!

By aliciarose, shot with Canon PowerShot A560 at 2008-03-08

:D :lol: :D :lol: :D Couldn't resist, sorry so long a post guys!
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What a handsome Doodle............
awwwww Sammy you are sooo cute - I hope the itchy lotion helps !
Sammy looked so cute in the tub. He has that look like why me.

Hope the itchy stuff helps.
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